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Chesley Awards nominations open

The Suggestions list is live…. And that means it is time for NOMINATIONS!

This listing constitutes the suggestions of the Chesley Nominating Committee, plus suggestions received from others. It serves as an example of what people considered worthy of suggesting for the Chesley Awards. These suggestions are provided to show you the kind of information we want from you on your nominations ballot, and to maybe help jog your memory of other worthy works of art you saw in 2019. You are encouraged to look beyond this listing when making your nominations; any works published for the first time in 2019 or if unpublished, displayed for the first time in 2019, are eligible. 

You can nominate up to 5 pieces/artists in each category.

Nominations are done on the ASFA membership website under the voting tab:

This year we shortened the Nominations period so we can announce the Nominees at the virtual NASFIC August 21- 23rd.  It is a free event and once we know the timing of the announcement we will let you know.