ASFA supports artists in the genre arts and we would like to urge people to shop small and support artists this holiday season.

Joanna Barnum Shop
Joanna Barnum

Joanna Barnum (website:  Dark art original watercolors and prints

Bruce Brenneise (website: Otherworldly sci-fi/fantasy landscapes in prints and playmats

Lauren Brown (website: Colorful, cute, and quirky prints and pins

Toni DeBiasi (website: Surreal art prints and cards

Melissa Gay (website: Original art for the gaming/science fiction/fantasy genres

Lisa Hertel's shop
Lisa Hertel

Lisa Hertel (website: Pottery and paintings

Doug Hoppes (website: Dark fantasy art prints, story card decks and other merchandise

Debbie Hughes (website: Futuristic & fantasy paintings and prints

Ingrid Kallick (website: Fantastical illustrations on journals, magnets, throws and other items.

Bronwen MacDonald (website: Historical and fantasy art originals

John Picacio Shop
John Picacio

Amanda Makepeace (website: Fine Art, Prints, Books, Games, Accessories, and other Merchandise

Maurizio Manzieri (website: Prints of some of his most popular 2019 book covers

John Picacio (website: Prints, originals and face masks

Leia Powell (website: Stained glass pendants, dragons, and other glass art

Sam Haney Press Shop
Sam Haney Press

Samantha Haney Press (website: Jewelry

Angela R. Sasser (website: Fantasy Art Nouveau prints, pins, Christmas cards, and coloring books

Lisa Quon (website: Gothic and fantasy art with the occasional robot in prints, and other merchandise

Spring Schoenhuth (website: Jewelry

Erica Lyn Schmidt (website: Sculpture, 2d work and jewelry

Susan Shorter (website: Prints, coloring and children’s books, original drawings

Angela R. Sasser

Charles Urbach (website: Prints, cards, mousepads and playmats of Charles’ work.

Ray VanTilburg (website: ) Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction art, Originals and prints

Ray VanTilburg

Scott Zrubek (website: Handmade pens, bottle stoppers, chainmaille jewelry and stained glass pieces

Erica Lyn Schmidt Shop
Erica Lyn Schmidt

Kaitlund Zupanic (website: Prints, limited editions, pins, and playmats

For more artists please visit:


Kaitlund Zupanic Shop
Kaitlund Zupanic