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The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) was founded to promote artists who work in the field of science fiction and fantasy art. It was organized for artistic, literary, educational and charitable purposes concerning the visual arts of Science Fiction, Fantasy Mythology and related topics. ASFA’s purpose is to encourage and help artists, support the needs of working artists, educate the public, connect and encourage patrons of the arts and others who are interested in works of the genre.

ASFA provides support services for artists, publishers, fans, and literary science fiction and fantasy conventions (cons) around the globe. ASFA provides support for artists at large conventions such as the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) , North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), and work to support other regional conventions in many ways.

ASFA holds its annual meeting at the Worldcon every year unless Worldcon is held outside of North America, when the meeting is held at NASFiC.

To support conventions and younger artists ASFA started the emerging artist program which is a way to support regional convention’s programs for showing student art at conventions.

ASFA also gives out the Chesley Awards, which were established in 1985 as ASFA’s peer awards to recognize individual works and achievements not otherwise recognized by the Hugo Awards (or other literary & art awards), during a given year. The Chesleys were initially called the ASFA Awards, but were renamed a year after their conception to honor famed astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell after his death in 1986. The awards are usually presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention and sometimes at the North American Science Fiction Convention when the Worldcon is held outside of North America.