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2024 Chesley Suggestions

Chesley Suggestions for Art in 2023

This is for works done in 2023 or works done prior to 2023 but first displayed or published in 2023.  Anyone may suggest eligible works and you may suggest up to 5 people/works for each award including your own if you are an artist.  Not ALL suggested works make it on to the list–  it is curated down to make sure we get enough nominations to make it on the ballot.

ASFA stands with working artists in the science fiction and fantasy fields. Therefore, we do not accept AI generated imagery in any category.  

Once you have filled out the form if you would like to share works to our album please do so: (We will be checking the album occasionally to verify the art in the album would be eligible in a Chesley category.)

When suggestions are tallied only one piece per artist will show up in each category, 5 suggestions per category please.

The suggestion period will close April 26, 2024.  

We would like as much information as possible.  Name of artist, name of piece, where it was displayed, contact information for the artist if you have it.  The more information the better.  There will be a place for comments, so please let us know if there are any questions about eligibility or anything else!  We will check the spreadsheet periodically so if you don’t hear back from us right away shoot us an email and we will help in any way we can.  

To suggest-  go to the form below.  Anyone can suggest for the Chesley Awards.  Nomination and voting is done by members in good standing.

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