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ASFA art panels at Glasgow 2024

Lauren standing in front of a piece of art in an ornate frame
Lauren Raye Snow standing in front of the panels at Dublin 2019
ASFA has 5-7 panels in the Glasgow 2024 art show.   We love to have a piece of art from you! 
We do have some limitations on the size of the piece due to transportation and layout of the panels.
The piece needs to be smaller than 9×12 framed. 
For each piece we need:
Buy it now price
Bid price
Links to store front or socials
Medium used
Address to ship the art back if it doesn’t sell
Art can be 2d or 3d, we will need to verify if we have the ability to hang it or get a table for 3d pieces.  Just let us know. 
Prints are okay as well.   We like to have a nice mix of art,  not all prints on the board.
We have some 5″x5″ All Media art panels we can send out if you would like to use those to do the art on or you are free to use your own materials.  
The art show will be taking 12.5% commission on sales.  ASFA takes nothing beyond that.  We will pay the artists if the art sells after we receive money from the convention.  
If you are in the US you would be shipping your art to our US address and we will be carrying it over with my art.  If you are in the UK or somewhere nearer to the UK we can give you an address to ship the art as well.   ALAMO, a nonprofit, has generously given us shipping money so ASFA can reimburse you any shipping costs to get the art to us.  If the shipping is high please verify with us before you ship to make sure we can cover it.
We give preference to ASFA members but you don’t have to be an ASFA member to participate!  
Deadline to ship art would be April 19th or July 15th. 
As it is being transported in luggage we would like to spread out the art among both trips but just let me know what works for you and we will be accommodating as we can!
Once you express interest an address will be provided to ship the art to. Please specify if shipping to the UK would be cheaper, or if you will be bringing your art to the convention please let us know as well. 
Any questions or to get more information please email