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2023 Chesley Final Ballot

The final ballot has been released.  Members in good standing can vote and if you would like to become a member click here to join. Members go to the voting link on the members website. The ballot will be open until January 10th. 

Best Hardback Illustration

Marcela Bolívar Blackwater by Michael McDowell (Suntup Editions; Spring 2022) 

Donato Giancola The Dragonborne Chair by Tad Williams (Grim Oak Press; April 2022)

Manzi Jackson Africa Risen edited by Sheree Renée Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, & Zelda Knight (Tor; November 2022) 

Tran Nguyen The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim (Knopf Books for Young Readers; August 2022)

John Picacio Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse (Simon & Schuster / Saga Press; April 2022)

Omar Rayyan Animal Farm by George Orwell (Suntup Editions; December 2022)


Best Paperback/Ebook Cover Illustration

Micah Epstein The Oleander Sword by Tasha Suri (Orbit; August 2022)

Tom Kidd Library of the Sapphire Wind by Jane Lindskold (Baen; February 2022)

Luisa Preissler The Last Stand of Mary Good Crow By Rachel Aaron (Aaron Bach LLC; June 2022)

Charles Vess The Queen of Summer’s Twilight by Charles Vess (NewCon Press; September 2022)

Erin Vest All the Horses of Iceland by Sarah Tolmie (Tordotcom; March 2022)


Best Magazine Cover

Ed Binkley Bourbon Penn #26; March 2022

Zezhou Chen Clarkesworld #184; January 2022

Daniel Conway Clarkesworld #193; October 2022

Tehani Farr Eternus #1 Metal Variant; October 2022

J C Jongwon Park Clarkesworld #185; February 2022


Best Interior Illustration

David Álvarez The Collector by John Fowles (Suntup Editions; March 2022) 

Bruce Brenneise Sword of Destiny: Illustrated Edition by Andrzej Sapowski (Orbit Books; December 2022)

Hilary Clarcq Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (Suntup Editions; July 2022) 

Jason Mowry Hannibal by Thomas Harris (Suntup Editions; July 2022) 

Omar Rayyan Animal Farm by George Orwell (Suntup Editions; December 2022) 

Corinne Reid “The Long view” by Susan Palwick (; April 2022)

Red Nose Studios/Chris Sickels Seven Vampires: A Judge Dee Mystery by Lavie Tidhar (; February 2022)


Best Gaming Related

Bruce Brenneise “Baldur’s Gate Harbor” (WofC Commander Legends; June 2022)

Dmitry Burmak “Vodalian Hexcatcher” (WofC Dominaria United; September 2022)

Julie Dillon “Thought Scour” (WofC Double Masters 2022; July 2022)

Serena Malyon “Soul of Emancipation” (WofC Streets of New Capenna; April 2022)

Victor Adame Minguez “Rith Liberated Primeva” (WofC Dominaria United; September 2022)

Ryan Pancoast “Discover the Impossible” (WofC Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty; February 2022) 


Best Product Illustration

Antonio Caparo SILA poster for the Illustration West 61 (Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles; 2022)

Nico Delort The Lighthouse (Mondo; March 2022)

Annie Stegg Gerard Journey’s End (Dragoncon; August 2022)

James Jean Everything Everywhere All At Once (a24; March 2022)

Greg Ruth The Dune Sketchbook (Mondo; July 2022)

Jessica Seaman The Witch (Mondo; March 2022)


Best Color Work:  Unpublished

Ed Binkley “Firefly Queen”; Acrylic & Colored Pencil

Donato Giancola “Fear”; Oils

Mark Harrison “The Singing Tree”; Oils

Serena Malyon ”Steady” Watercolor and acryla gouache 

Lauren Raye Snow “The Ecstasy of St. Joan”; Procreate and Apple Pencil 


Best Monochrome Work:  Unpublished

Ed Binkley “Listener”; Colored Pencil and Acrylic

Jeff Echevarria “The Blessing”; Charcoal, Graphite Powder & Panpastels

Shawn E. Russell “Rhythms”; graphite

Greg Ruth “Pan’s Labyrinth”; graphite on paper

Gary Villarreal “A King’s Futile Plea”; graphite


Best Three Dimensional Art

Dan Chudzinski “The Great Owl”; Mixed Media

Nicole Lee Grosjean “Year of the Tiger Paper”; mixed media

Ornélie “Underwater”; polymer clay, acrylic paint, butterfly, glass bubbles

Christine and Colin Poole “Dove Dreams of Flying Ceramic”; cold finish

Forest Rogers “Love Note to Kay Nielsen”; Mixed Media

Dug Stanant “The Boatman”; Mixed Media


Best Art Director

Neil Clarke Clarkesworld

Rebecca Dornsife Suntup Editions

Christine Foltzer

Lauren Panepinto Orbit Books

Lia Ribacchi  Dark Horse Comics


Lifetime Achievement Award

Sanjulian/ Manuel Pérez Clemente

Roger Dean

Gregory Manchess

Mark Schultz

Allen Williams